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Circular sprinkler

Keeping surfaces wet at night without the need for personnel

With the circular-sprinkler is developed to keep surface wet – especially in the evening and during the night, when it is impossible to extinguish with firefighters due to the darkness.

Keeping surfaces wet

The iconos® circular sprinkler can be directly integrated into the forest firefighting or in the conveying of water over long distances in the fire arey. The connections with B coupling have full width and do not affect the friction loss due to narrowing of the cross-section.

The mounted circular sprinkler can be activated immediatelyby means of a built-in shut-off valve in order to keep endangered areas wet or extinguish the fire without the need of fire fighters.
This procedure is particularly suitable in the evening and night hours, when it is impossible to extinguish with fire fighters due to the darkness. At night temperatures drop and the water does not evaporate as quickly as during daytime; thus, it can penetratethe soil much better. The sprinkler can also be used on slopes, in marshlands or others impassable terrain.


forest fire fighting with circular sprinkler

Operational aplications


  • Firefighting of forest and vegetations fires peat fires
  • Dust precipitation on access roads and collection points
  • Irrigaton of green areas and agricultural surfaces, vegetable cultivation and sports and ridung facilities

Water consumption of the circular sprinkler nozzles

The water flow rate depends on the hose cross-section and the power of the supplying pump. The values in the table below serve as a guide.

Nozzle Spray distance
Quantity Precipitation
10 mm Nozzle 24 m / 4 bar
125 l / min 4,9 mm / h
 8 mm Nozzle 22 m / 4 bar   81 l / min 3,6 mm / h
6 mm
18 m / 4 bar   60 l / min 3,5 mm / h

Technical information

  • 200 mm x 140 mm fixed couplings size B
  • Working pressure from 4 bar – 16 bar
  • Weight 7 kg
  • Circular sprinkler connection 1 1/4″
  • 3 nozzle inserts to change: 6, 8 and 10 mm
  • Base platemade of aluminium, pipe and stopcock made of stainless steel
  • Powder coated red
  • Partial circuit delimiter 0° to 350°

Technical changes reserved

details of circular sprinkler for forest fire fighting

Circular sprinkler during an exercise

circular sprinkler for valleys

Keep valleys wet too

For the usage to keep valleys wet iconos has developed the circular sprinkler, which can be fixed e.g. trees.
In this way, slopes that have been extinguished can also be kept wet without additional personnel.

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