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Nozzle hose

The new technique for creating water shields is simply and quick in installation.


Protect and extinguish with water walls

The iconos® nozzle hose is the real alternative to the hydro shield. Simple and quick in application but very effective and ideal for various applications. The water pressure stabilises the hose in the desired position and is flexible in any environmet and deployable underground. This creates a major extinguishing capacity independent of personnel.
Overall, eight different nozzle inserts are available which can be changed easily and simply, even during operation.
The patented product consists of a hose material which is resistant to acids and chemicals.  

Nozzle for forest firefighting

The nozzle specially developed for forest firefighting has a cross-section of only 2 mm. This provides a high degree of efficiency and fire propagation is quickly couteraacted or prevented. At a pressure of 6 bar, 60 litres per minute are required per 20 metres. Shielding posiitons can be set up with a high degree of effiency and fire sources can be fought safely.

Which fire-brigades the nozzle hose uses, can you see in our reference list (in German).

Effective operation

  • Fighting forest fires, conflagrations, peat fires, waste dump and stack fires
  • Absorption of vapours and gasses
  • Prevents fires spreading
  • Objects are cooled and kept wet
  • Reception of radiated and heat to protect further installations
  • Absorption of dangerous suspended gasses
  • Decontamination and disinfection of objects and vehicles
  • Preventive fire fighting when transferring dangerous substances and during repair work
  • Driver training

Convincing extinguishing technology

  • Each nozzle has its own energy outlet and is therefore very wind stable
  • Simple and quick installation – stable position during operation
  • Tactically flexible deployment in any convirement – wether straight, in a circle or in curves
  • Excellent creation of shields when creating sections
  • Enormous extinguishing capacity, independent of personnel, safe and relieving firefighters
  • Flexibly deployable depending on tasks assigned – as wall or sheet of water
  • Admixture of foam and wetting agents is possible
  • Patented product – made in Germany

Water flow rate

The water flow rate depends on the hose cross-section and the power of the supplying pump. The values in the table below serve as a guide.

Düse at 4 bar at 6 bar at 8 bar at 10 bar
5 orifices
(4 x 2,5 mm,
1 x 3 mm)
970 l/min 1000 l/min 1020 l/min 1150 l/min
3 orifices
(3 x 3 mm)
800 l/min 940 l/min 990 l/min 1000 l/min
Step nozzle
3 mm
210 l/min 250 l/min 300 l/min 330 l/min
Step nozzle
4 mm
360 l/min 790 l/min 880 l/min 920 l/min
Width 6 mm
1050 l/min
1130 l/min
1230 l/min
1300 l/min
without nozzles
1050 l/min
1600 l/min

Nozzle hose in all sizes

Nozzle hose D
with water flow of 20 to 60 l/min; e.g. decontamination purposes and forest firefighting

Nozzle hose C
with a water flow of up to 800 l/min; max. 2 hoses in a row as the waterflow for C hoses is lower

Nozzle hose B
with a water flow of uo to 1,300 l/min; this allowsmultiple hoses to be attached in a row, as this diameter ensures the flow depending on nozzles and pump power

Nozzle hose A
with a water flow up to 2,250 l/min; for a massive wall of water

Nozzle hose F
with a water flow up to 8,200 l/min; for a massive wall of water

Technical information

  • Hose sizes C, B, D, A, F
  • Length 20m
  • Working pressure from 4 bar – 16 bar
  • Nozzle spacing
    Standard: 25 pieces on 20 m hose 800 mm spacing
    close: 40 pieces on 20m hose 500mm spacing
    very close: 50 pieces on 20m hose 400mm spacing
  • 8 easily exchangeable nozzle inserts available for various applications

The physics behind the nozzle hose


iconos nozzle hose principle

The recoil principle is used for various products which have a nozzle as an elemntary component; thus, so iconos extinguishers function according to the same physical law as a rocket. The force of escaping water is equal to the force generated by the internal pressure on the pressure points opposite by the nozzles, which are offset laterally from the centre line of the hose (in V-shape).
This creates a counterpressure point exactly on the opposite side of the hose, which prevents an “turning away” of the hose.
Nevertheless, the use of different nozzle profiles in one hose, as required by some applications, does notcause any instability of the hose. The contact pressure presses the hose firmly against the ground. Without ground, the nozzle hose cold even fly. In others words, the operating principle of the nozzle hose is the same as of a rocket.

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